Indian Curries/Stew, Vegetables W/Olive oil

Curry is the generic word, use by the western culture to describe the food from south and south- asian cuisines. Normally, these cuisines consists of 3 spices( turmeric, coriander and red chilli), but according to the region and food, variety of spices changes. 
Here are some of the dishes which you have already eaten in different restaurants. But if you make it at home with fresh ingredients you can yourself find a difference in taste. These Curries will take in general time from 30  minutes to 1 hour ( depends on the preparation). 
I am always found of good curry in every meal, so I keep on trying different dishes every time. If you are also found of different dishes, do have a look at some of these recipes.

Enjoy some restaurants Paneer preparations - 

Some preparations of vegetables -
Some preparations of Potatoes- 

Some preparations of peas and beans - 

Some preparations of Lentils -

 Olive Oil is easily digested and quickly and completely absorbed by the system. The aroma and taste stimulate our appetite - an important asset for the digestive process. The unsaturated fats, which make up olive oil, not only are cholesterol-free, but actually also helps in reducing cholesterol. It works as a protection for a bad cholesterol.

I, personally very much like the vegetables cooked in Olive oil. There is a myth that Olive oil burns when heated, but actually it applies only to extra virgin Olive oil (which is a pure extract from Olive). The Olive Oil which is generally used for cooking vegetables is a Pure Olive oil. It can be heated, and vegetables can be fried in this oil. But, in my personal opinion the uncooked taste of Olive Oil is much far better than cooked Olive oil.

Here are the some vegetables, commonly used in our daily food, cooked in Olive oil.

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  1. i have tried its american version lol.. it was'nt that delicious..